Exaggerated Arthropod Bite Reaction During Pregnancy: A Case Report

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Introduction:The diagnosis of exaggerated bite reactions is based on the clinical and pathological characteristics of the lesions. These reactions can be an indicator of impending immune suppression.Methods:The authors report the case of a 35-year-old pregnant woman who presented with a pruriginous vesicular and pustular eruption over her thighs and buttocks. The clinical and pathological findings were compatible with an exaggerated bite reaction. The patient did not report any severe or exaggerated reaction to insect bites in the past. It was her first episode.Conclusion:Exaggerated bite reactions have been described with hematological malignancies, mostly chronic lymphocytic leukemia. In our literature review, we did not find any reports of severe local bite reactions occurring during pregnancy. We hypothesize that the changes in the immune system during pregnancy might explain the development of exaggerated bite reactions in our patient.

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