Safety of Liquid Intravenous Immunoglobulin for Neuroimmunologic Disorders in the Home Setting: A Retrospective Analysis of 1085 Infusions

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Objective:To examine the overall safety of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) administered according to a clinically defined, home-based therapeutic regimen in patients with neuroimmunologic diseases.Methods:A total of 1085 infusions of a new liquid IVIG 10% preparation were administered to 70 patients diagnosed with neuroimmunologic diseases over a 9-month period. These infusions were retrospectively reviewed for safety and tolerability.Results:A very favorable adverse effect (AE) rate (4.7%) was calculated over a wide range of doses (0.9-2.14 g/kg). There were no serious AEs reported, even among patients naive to IVIG therapy. Of 51 nonserious AEs, 53% occurred in 5 patients.Conclusions:The results of this review of 1085 high-dose liquid IVIG infusions using a closely monitored, yet highly flexible, home-based therapeutic regimen indicate a very favorable tolerability profile in patients with neuroimmunologic disorders, even in those who were new to IVIG therapy.

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