Myasthenia Gravis With Presynaptic Electrophysiologic Abnormalities

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To describe the clinical, serologic, and electrophysiologic features of 2 patients with myasthenia gravis (MG), who also had presynaptic electrophysiologic abnormalities.


Case reports.


Two patients developed clinical symptoms consistent with MG. They lacked autonomic symptoms or signs, and their reflexes were not absent. Acetylcholine receptor antibody studies were positive, but assays for voltage-gated calcium channel antibodies were negative. Low-amplitude baseline compound muscle action potentials combined with large incremental responses immediately after exercise were consistent with a presynaptic disorder. Thymic pathology in 1 patient was characteristic of autoimmune MG showing lymphoid follicular hyperplasia. No underlying malignancy was found in either patient.


Patients with MG may rarely have presynaptic electrophysiologic abnormalities. This may occur even in the absence of the typical clinical and serologic features of the Lambert-Eaton syndrome. It is possible that there is another antibody present that is modulating presynaptic acetylcholine release.

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