Autonomic Reflex Screen Test Abnormalities in Cold-Induced Sweating Syndrome Type 1

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Cold-induced sweating syndrome (CISS) is a rare autosomal recessive disease due to mutation in the Cytokine receptor-like factor 1 (CRLF1). The characteristic symptom of CISS is the tendency to sweat profusely especially in the upper body and hands when the patient is exposed to cold temperature. We sought to first report the findings of autonomic reflex screen in a case of CISS type 1 with Cytokine receptor-like factor 1 mutation. Valsalva morphology, Valsalva ratio, and heart rate response to deep breathing were normal for the patient's age. Quantitative sudomotor axon reflex test showed nonlength dependent decrease in the sweat volume. Tilt table revealed evidence of reflex (vasovagal) “syncope,” however, the patient was asymptomatic without loss of consciousness.

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