Clinical nurses’ experiences and perceptions after the implementation of an interprofessional team intervention: A qualitative study

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Aims and objectives

To explore clinical nurses’ experiences and perceptions following a purposeful interprofessional (IP) team intervention in practice.


Despite increasing interest in IP collaborative practice to improve teamwork, nursing outcomes and quality of care, there has been little research that focused on nurses’ perspectives of IP collaboration after a purposeful IP team intervention.


A qualitative descriptive study using focus group interviews of registered nurses who care for patients with advanced heart failure.


This study is part of a larger study that conducted and evaluated a purposeful IP team intervention. Registered nurses (n = 10) were invited to participate in three focus groups following the IP team intervention. Data were audio-recorded, transcribed and analysed using a conventional content analysis approach and constant comparative method.


We identified six interrelated themes: (a) IP team building, (b) psychological safety and cultural change, (c) efficiency in delivery of care, (d) quality of patient care, (e) job outcomes and (f) team challenges. Notably, participants reported that they could better understand the patient's care plan of the day because every team member was “on the same page at the same time.” Registered nurses perceived that they were more satisfied with their job through improved IP team performance, enhanced psychological safety and cultural change, efficient workflow and better quality of patient care.


The IP team intervention contributed to enhancing IP team functioning as well as improving registered nurse job satisfaction. To sustain the improved perceptional and behavioural changes, team strategies to improve workflow and communication should be considered.

Relevance to clinical practice

Effective teamwork and communication between multiple healthcare professionals including nurses are the cornerstones to improve care delivery, nursing outcomes and quality of patient care in clinical settings.

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