Renal inpatient ward nurse experience and job satisfaction: A qualitative study

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Aims and objectives

To examine the experience of registered nurses working in renal inpatients wards at an acute National Health Service (NHS) hospital Trust. Nurse perceptions of their experience particularly in relation to job satisfaction were analysed.


Increased understanding of workplace organisation and culture can contribute to improved nurse work experience and better patient care. Worldwide many studies conducted on nurse experience and job satisfaction show that job satisfaction level varies across work settings so analysis of job satisfaction at a local level such as in a ward is important for producing useful analysis and recommendations.


Using purposive sampling, semistructured individual interviews were conducted on twelve registered nurses working on renal inpatient wards.


The study identified three themes: safe care, organisational culture and work environment. Although staffing was identified as a key element to providing safe care maintaining adequate staffing levels remained a challenge. Whilst there were opportunities for professional development more support is needed for newly qualified nurses.


Findings highlighted that renal patients were complex. It is important to maintain adequate staffing levels. Good clinical leadership is required to support and develop the positive experience of nurses.

Relevance to clinical practice

The high turnover of newly qualified nurses is a particular problem and nurse managers need to develop strategies to retain such nurses. Regular audits on staffing levels as part of improving workforce planning and patient safety need to be conducted.

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