Treatment of facial port-wine stains with intense pulsed light: a prospective study

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Intense pulsed light (IPL) has been used for the treatment of port-wine stains for 10 years. There are many IPL systems that have different setting. Some of them have been reported in the treatment of fresh or laser-resistant port-wine stains localized in different body regions.


Our aim was to conduct a prospective trial to assess the effectiveness of Lynton (The Lumina Family of Medical Flashlamp Systems) of the IPL family in the treatment of fresh facial port-wine stains.

Material and methods

Twelve patients with facial and/or neck port-wine stains without previous treatment were enrolled in the trial. Patient demographics, treatment setting, outcome of clearing, and treatment complications were noted.


The treatment intervals were 4 to 6 weeks for three to six treatment sessions. Moderate improvement (50–75%) was achieved in 47% of the patients. Complete clearing was seen in only one patient (8.3%) after four treatment sessions. Hypertrophic scar formation in two patients occurred after healing blister. Except for the side effects, long-term complications were not seen.


Moderate effectiveness was achieved with IPL treatment in the facial port-wine stains.

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