Counselor Trainee Achievement Goal Orientation and the Acquisition of Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy Skills

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The relationship between trainee achievement goal orientation and acquisition of time-limited dynamic psychotherapy (TLDP; H. H. Strupp & J. L. Binder, 1984) skills was examined. Counselor trainees (n = 28) completed the Achievement Goal Tendencies Scale (T. Hayamizu & B. Weiner, 1991) and saw a recruited client for 4 counseling sessions. The sessions were rated for trainee adherence to TLDP. Growth-curve analyses revealed a significant relationship between trainee learning goal orientation and pattern of TLDP skill acquisition. A relatively higher trainee learning goal orientation was related to a linear increase in use of TLDP specific strategies and to less midtraining decline in trainees' adherence to the psychodynamic interviewing style aspects of the TLDP model.

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