Malignant fibrothecomatous tumour of the ovary: diagnostic value of anti-inhibin immunostaining

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Malignant ovarian tumours of the fibrothecoma group are rare.The clinicopathological features of a case of ovarian malignant fibrothecoma in which there was metastatic disease in the small intestine and peritoneum at presentation are described. A number of differential diagnoses were considered but positive immunohistochemical staining of the resected ovarian and small intestinal neoplasms with anti-inhibin was of value in confirming a sex cord-stromal tumour and in excluding other lesions. The two tumours were also ultrastructurally identical. Classical malignant fibrothecomas are said to show four or more mitotic figures per 10 high power fields (HPF). Although the intestinal secondary was mitotically active, the primary ovarian tumour contained only one to two mitoses per 10 HPF, showing that formal mitotic counts are not an absolute indicator of malignant behaviour in this group of tumours.

(J Clin Pathol 1998;51:868-871)

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