Bone marrow solid core biopsy needle: a critical assessment of the utility, benefits and limitations of the instruments employed in current day haematology and oncology

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The optimal clinical evaluation of the bone marrow requires an examination of air-dried and well-stained films of the aspirated tissue along with a histopathological evaluation of adequately processed and properly stained core biopsy specimens. A bone marrow evaluation can be essential in establishing a diagnosis, determining the efficacy of treatment in haematological disorders and to monitor haematological status of patients following bone marrow/stem cell transplantation. It is also an essential component of the staging process for newly diagnosed malignancies. Currently available bone marrow aspiration needles are quite satisfactory and if properly used provide good-quality specimens for morphological evaluation. However, if a bone marrow core biopsy is concerned, several needles are currently in use but not all of them provide good-quality biopsy specimens for histological evaluation or are user friendly. We have compared the recently introduced Moeller Medical single use bone marrow core biopsy needle with the Jamshidi needle with marrow acquisition cradle (CareFusion), J-needle (Cardinal Health) and OnControl device (Vidacare). It is concluded that the Moeller Medical needle system has definite advantages over others and is recommended for routine use.

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