Study of the pharmacokinetics of cefpirome sulphate in the elderly

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To determine the appropriate method of administration of the cephem antibiotic cefpirome sulphate in elderly patients.


We studied cefpirome's pharmacokinetics in patients with urinary tract infections. Patients received cefpirome sulphate 0·5 g by intravenous drip infusion over 30 mins.


Patients with a creatinine clearance rate (Ccr) of 80 ml/min had an AUC of 96·7 µg·h/ml and a T1/2 of 2·36 h, whereas those with Ccr of 40-80 ml/min had an AUC of 172·0 µg·h/ml and a T1/2 of 3·45 h and those with Ccr of < 40 ml/min had an AUC of 152 µg·h/ml and a T1/2 of 4·86 h.


These results indicate that decreased kidney function can cause increases in the AUC and T1/2 of cefpirome. Thus in elderly patients and perhaps also in other patients with decreased kidney function, cefpirome should be administered at an initial dose of 0·5 g.

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