Population pharmacokinetics of intravenous itraconazole in patients with persistent neutropenic fever

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Empirical use of intravenous (IV) itraconazole (ITZ) for febrile neutropenic patients has recently been introduced in Korea. This study was designed to investigate the population pharmacokinetics (PK) of IV-ITZ.


Sparse PK data were collected from febrile neutropenic patients undergoing empirical ITZ therapy at 200 mg/day after loading doses. NONMEM (Version. 5·1·1) was used to estimate population PK parameters.


Forty-two patients were enrolled in the study. Mean population CL and V of IV-ITZ were 10 L/h and 1050 L, respectively. Body weight was the only contributing covariate of CL. The median simulated trough concentration of ITZ after 10 days was predicted to be about 700 ng/mL.


In this study, we explored the population PK profile of ITZ given in IV formulation. We found that the current dosage regimen of IV-ITZ (200 mg/day) was appropriate to obtain therapeutic trough concentrations for neutropenic patients in Korea.

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