Pediatric–Psychology Partnership for Abuse Prevention

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Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant, albeit underreported and underidentified, public health problem that requires the informed and coordinated efforts of the health care system for appropriate recognition and intervention. In addition, health disparities are seen in the incidence, prevalence, and burden of IPV among specific population groups in the United States. Pediatric–Psychology Partnership for Abuse Prevention is a graduate psychology education training project focused on developing an integrated primary health-care based workforce that is culturally sensitive and competent in the identification and remediation of IPV. In addition, this project aimed to increase the number of health service psychologists from diverse backgrounds who are culturally competent and aware of health disparities. The training included clinical psychology trainees and pediatric residents working together in an ambulatory pediatric health care setting. Project methods, outcomes, and implications for predoctoral clinical psychology training programs are described.

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