Utility of the Multidimensional Health Profile–Psychosocial Functioning Scales (MHP-P) for Assessing Psychosocial Adjustment in Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients

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This study examined the utility of the Multidimensional Health Profile–Psychosocial Functioning (MHP-P) for the preoperative assessment of gastric bypass surgery (GBS) applicants. The MHP-P, a 58-item screening inventory that assesses 4 psychosocial areas relevant to health (mental health, life stress, social resources, and coping skills), was administered to 449 morbidly obese patients who were being considered for GBS. Data were compared with the results of a much more lengthy assessment procedure involving a 273-item comprehensive biographical and medical history interview, the MMPI-2, the Basic Personality Inventory, and the Beck Depression Inventory. The 17 measures of the MHP-P showed highly significant correlations with other measures considered to be of relevance in GBS outcome, confirming the utility of the MHP-P as a cost-effective procedure for use in this clinical medical setting.

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