Lactoferrin and other markers from gingival crevicular fluid and saliva before and after periodontal treatment

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The aim of the study was to verify (i) if crevicular fluid defence variables reflect the changes after surgical periodontal treatment and (ii) if they are in correspondence with changes of these variables in the unstimulated and stimulated whole saliva.

Material and Methods

For 12 male and 13 female volunteers with chronic periodontitis lactoferrin concentration as well as the lysozyme and peroxidase activities were determined in crevicular fluid as well as in unstimulated and stimulated saliva before and 14 days after surgical periodontal treatment by a minimal invasive flap technique.


The lactoferrin concentrations decreased significantly in the crevicular fluid eluting solution from 1.63 to 1.23 mg/l reflecting a decrease in the total amount collected, in unstimulated saliva from 10.54 to 8.96 mg/l, and in stimulated saliva from 9.00 to 7.11 mg/l after treatment. No significant change could be found for lysozyme. Peroxidase activity was significantly reduced from 269.06 to 186.15 U/l only in the crevicular fluid.


The results of this study suggest that (i) the defence factor lactoferrin is suitable for monitoring of periodontal treatment results and (ii) changes of the lactoferrin concentration in crevicular fluid are related with significant changes in unstimulated and stimulated saliva.

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