Smokeless tobacco (snuff) use and periodontal bone loss

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The aim of the present cross-sectional study was to investigate a possible association between the use of Swedish moist snuff and periodontal bone loss.

Material and Methods

The study was carried out on 84 apparently healthy men in the age range 26–54 years, 25 current snuff users, 21 former snuff users, and 38 never-users. The periodontal bone height was evaluated from bitewing radiographs measuring the distance from the cement–enamel junction (CEJ) to the periodontal bone crest (PBC) at pre-molars and molars in each quadrant of the dentition.


The mean (95% confidence interval (95% CI)) CEJ−PBC distance was 1.00 (0.87–1.13), 1.12 (0.97–1.26), and 1.06 (0.95–1.16) mm for current users, former users, and never-users, respectively. The association between snuff use and bone height level controlling for age was not statistically significant (ANOVA F=0.3, p>0.05). There was, further, no statistically significant difference between light and heavy exposure users controlling for age (ANOVA F=1.0, p>0.05).


Our observations suggest that the use of Swedish moist snuff is not associated with periodontal bone loss.

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