The impact of dietary induced hyperparathyroidism on healthy and diseased periodontia: an experimental study in rats

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Background and Objective:

Nutrition may be a potential modifying factor in periodontal conditions. The present study investigated this phenomenon for dietary induced hyperparathyroidism (dHPT) by revealing the histopathological and histomorphometrical profiles of healthy and diseased periodontia in dHPT.


Dietary induced hyperparathyroidism was induced in 12 rats by dietary calcium/phosphorous imbalance and 12 rats were fed standard diet (SD). Periodontitis was induced on the right mandibular molar teeth (mmt) of these rats by injecting an endotoxin + saline solution whereas injecting pure saline to the left mmt. Thus, four study groups were created: dHPT + saline (group 1), dHPT + endotoxin (group 2), SD + endotoxin (group 3) and SD + saline (group 4). Histological sections were obtained from the second mmt and examined using light microscope.


Group 1 demonstrated inflammatory and degenerative alterations in periodontium without pocket formation. Periodontitis was evident in groups 2 and 3. Group 2 revealed the highest amounts of gingival inflammatory cell and vessel counts (group 2 > group 3 > group 1 > group 4), attachment and bone losses (group 2 > group 3 > groups 1 > group 4) and osteoclast count (group 2 > group 3 > group 1 > group 4) (p < 0.05).


These results propose that dHPT may impair the health status of periodontium and may worsen the pathobiology of periodontal diseases.

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