A GIS-Based Method to Determine Maximum Fetch Applied to the North Sea-Baltic Sea Transition

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LUNDQVIST, D.; JANSEN, D.; BALSTROEM, T., and CHRISTIANSEN, C., 2006. A GIS-based method to determine maximum fetch applied to the North Sea-Baltic Sea transition. Journal of Coastal Research, 22(3), 640-644. West Palm Beach (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

A GIS-based method that uses the visibility principle to calculate maximum fetch is presented. The software was programmed in the Arc macro language and implemented with the use of the GRID-based functions of the ArcInfo Workstation GIS. Applying L/4 as the effective wavebase and existing wind statistics, use of the method is exemplified by calculating the yearly resuspension frequency in the North Sea-Baltic Sea transition area.

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