An Inventory of Sediment Pollutions in a French Harbor: Comparison to a Nonpolluted Local Area Identified in Bay of Seine

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CAPLAT, C.; LELIEVRE, C.; BARILLIER, D., and TEXIER, H., 2006. An inventory of sediment pollutions in a French harbor: Comparison to a nonpolluted local area identified in Bay of Seine. Journal of Coastal Research, 22(3), 692-700. West Palm Beach (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Forty-nine sediments were sampled along the coast of the Seine bay: 19 from the Port-en-Bessin harbor and 30 from the Bay des Veys. Metallic and polychlorinated biphenyl contaminations were estimated in harbor sediments by their comparison to the OSPAR Convention guidelines. Sediments in Bay des Veys were considered as nonpolluted materials and metal concentrations were chosen as regional reference data to calculate anthropogenic factor and gave human contributions of each metal in harbor sediments. The source of the principal pollutants was principally associated with the careening activities and the use of antifouling paints. A statistical study of data showed strong relationships between metals, organic matter, and fine-grained fraction (<50 μm) of sediments, assuming mobility of metals to water column in case of removal.

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