A Case of Lower Lip Defect Reconstructed With Buccal Mucosa and a Tongue Flap

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The use of buccal mucosa and a tongue flap in reconstruction of full-thickness defects of the lower lip is described. The patient’s face received a heavy blow in a traffic accident. Necrosis caused by hematogenous disturbance occurred in more than half of the entire lower lip vermilion. The patient underwent a two-stage operation for reconstruction of the lower lip. First, vestibuloplasty was performed using a buccal mucosal flap. Subsequently, the vermilion was surgically reconstructed using a flap from the tip of the tongue. This operative method is less risky because of its favorable prognosis. An effective way to recover motor function of the lower lip is to practice a rehabilitation program against scar contraction. An extension movement with the fingers that requires two or three repetitions every day was selected. Rehabilitation was started 7 days after the tongue flap was divided. The patient had a favorable recovery after the operation and is now able to wear a denture and to eat without slobbering.

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