Giant Hemangiopericytoma of Mandible: A Propos of a Case: A Variant of the Surgical Technique for Protection of the Articular Fosse

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The hemangiopericytoma is a tumor of the pericytes. It represents 1% of vascular tumors. It is frequently located in inferior limbs, the pelvis, and the retroperitoneum. A painless mass of slow growth is main presentation. Imaging is not specific. Only microscopic and immunohistochemical findings can verify the lesion. The surgical treatment is elective. The search of the world medical literature revealed the publication of only four cases of hemangiopericytoma of the jaw. We present the case of a patient with a giant hemangiopericytoma that originated in the jaw. Studies showed an enormous mass and destruction of the right jaw. A right hemimandibulectomy including the condyle was performed. Mandibular reconstruction was performed with titanium plates with condyle and bone graft of the iliac crest; a piece of silastic with titanium mesh was placed in the temporomandibular articular fossa. Two years after surgery, good aesthetic and functional results were evident, and tumor recurrence was not observed.

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