Ethmoid Sinus Osteoma Associated With Blow-Out Fracture

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Osteoma is a benign tumor that is composed of compact or cancellous bone. It is the most common benign neoplasm of the paranasal sinus, and ethmoid sinuses are the second most common sites of paranasal sinus osteoma. The symptoms of ethmoid sinus osteoma can give rise to various kinds and extent of symptoms. In symptomatic cases, surgical management is necessary, but appropriate surgical approach to the ethmoid sinus is not clearly established. We describe 2 male patients with a diagnosis of blow-out fractures after trauma; ethmoid sinus osteoma on preoperative computed tomography scans was coincidentally found, and the surgical correction was done simultaneously. The purpose of this article was to present the successful surgical removal of ethmoid osteoma through lamina papyracea and transcaruncular approach, resulting in both successful surgical correction and good cosmetic outcome.

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