Split, Temporalis Muscle Flap for Repair of Recalcitrant Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks of the Anterior Cranial Fossa

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Cerebrospinal fluid repair after dural disruption is critical in preventing morbidity and mortality in trauma and cancer patients. Among reconstructive options, coverage with the temporalis muscle has been a staple in many surgeons’ armamentarium. However, the donor-site morbidity has been a major drawback in the use of this technique. Here, we present our method of split, temporalis harvest for anterior cranial base reconstruction, which seeks to regain dural integrity, while maintaining aesthetic and functional elements of the donor site. We present 2 patients, demonstrating the ease of harvest, fulfillment of both cosmetic and reconstructive goals, widespread applicability, and versatility of our split, temporalis muscle flap.

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