DELFI: A New Orbital Conformer in the Management of Enucleated Patients

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Anophthalmia and micro-orbitism due to infections, traumatic events, and oncologic disease can occur both in adulthood and in childhood. After restoring the volume of the socket surgically or using an expander, concurrent forniceal expansion with expanding conformer should be maintained. We created a new type of conformer that is possible to fit even in very reduced or very irregularly shaped socket. It is formed by 3 acrylic portions connected by metallic clumps that represent an intrinsic mechanism of expansion. The 3 acrylic portions could be modeled on the shape of the individual patient socket while the metal elements allow a thrust in 3 directions. The positioning of this conformer does not need any surgical treatment and it is possible to fit it in an ambulatory manner; it is shaped on the individual patient and is then available in most cases that occur.

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