Endoscopic Thyroidectomy for Bilateral Thyroid Diseases: Safety and Effectiveness

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The aim of this study was to assess the safety and efficacy of endoscopic thyroidectomy (ET) for bilateral thyroid diseases.


From March 2001 to January 2011, we performed a retrospective review of 30 cases of ET via breast approach for bilateral thyroid diseases. We rendered 50 cases of unilateral ET (group 2) and another 30 cases of open thyroidectomy for bilateral thyroid diseases (group 3) as control groups. Comparison between groups 1 and 2 and groups 1 and 3 in perioperative details and follow-up was reviewed.


The patients in group 1 required longer operating time, more intraoperative blood loss, more amount of drainage, and longer postoperative hospital stay compared with group 2. Compared with group 3, the patients in group 1 were associated with more operating time but less estimated blood loss, less amount of drainage, and shorter postoperative drainage stay. In group 1, 5 cases have temporary postoperative complications but completed resolution. No recurrence occurred, and all patients were satisfied with their excellent overall cosmesis and the surgical outcome of the procedure.


Endoscopic thyroidectomy is a safe and feasible procedure for bilateral thyroid disease with a good prognosis.

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