Stylohyoid Syndrome: Surgical Approach

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The best-known cervicopharyngeal pain is Eagle syndrome, in which symptomatic elongation of the stylomandibular process occurs and may be accompanied by stylohyoid ligament calcification. Among the causes of elongation of the styloid process, the following may be mentioned: history of trauma, styloid ligament calcification, and formation of bony tissue in the insertion of the styloid ligament. When there is no history of trauma or surgery, it is called the stylohyoid syndrome. In the current study, the clinical case of 34-year-old woman is reported, complaining of pain in the region of the neck, without any history of neck surgery or trauma. A panoramic radiograph and computed tomographic scan showed bilateral elongation of the styloid process. Extraoral surgical intervention was the treatment of choice. It is important to point out that dentists should be aware of this condition to contribute to a better diagnosis and therapeutic procedure.

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