One-Stage Replacement Surgery of Orbital Implants With Noninfectious Complications

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Orbital implant–associated complications always affect patients, resulting in multiple operations. One-stage replacement of complicated implants has been attractive for reducing operation times and preventing long-time appearance without artificial eye. We retrospectively analyzed the outcomes of 1-stage replacement surgery of orbital implant. A total of 21 eyes in 21 cases with noninfectious complications, who failed conservative therapies and surgical repairs, were treated with 1-stage orbital implant replacement. After a detailed ophthalmic history was obtained and examinations performed, patients with apparent purulent secretion in conjunctival sac were excluded. The preexisting orbital implant was carefully removed, and a new hydroxyapatite sphere was implanted simultaneously. Wound healing status, prosthesis movement, and cosmetic features were evaluated and recorded after at least 6 months’ follow-up. Orbital implant exposure(16 cases) was the main indication of the replacement surgery; other causes included superior orbital area depression (2 cases), conjunctival fistula (1 case), orbital implant malposition (1 case), and the metal material of implant obstructing magnetic resonance imaging scan in 1 case. Eye-socket hollow was redressed in all cases immediately, and 95.23% cases (20/21) could wear an artificial eye and had a good cosmetic appearance, whereas conjunctival sac fistula reoccurred in 1 patient, and the implant was removed ultimately. Conjunctival sac constrictions occurred in 4 cases after operation and were treated by secondary conjunctival sac reconstruction 6 months later. In conclusion, 1-stage replacement of orbital implants offers an effective and efficient strategy for dealing with severe postimplantation noninfectious complications in achieving a symmetrically cosmetic appearance without delay.

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