A Novel Preliminary Step in Orbital Exenteration

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Orbital exenteration refers to the surgical removal of the entire eyeball and its surrounding periorbital structures. The extent of surgical ablation is individualized for each patient and may include removal of periorbital skin, adnexal soft tissue, periorbita, extraocular muscles, orbital fat, the globe, the optic nerve, 1 or more of the bony orbital walls, and the paranasal sinuses (Ophthalmic Oncology 2011; 285).

An external approach of orbital exenteration involves retracting the orbital contents within a nonexpandable bony orbit. Orbital pressure would be more raised for patients with orbital tumors or malignant tumors with orbital involvement. In such conditions, retraction of the orbital contents may be difficult. We describe a simple preliminary step, which may be used to facilitate orbital retraction during exenteration.

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