Mechanical Strength and In Vitro Antibiotic Release Profile of Antibiotic-Loaded Calcium Phosphate Bone Cement

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Some case reports described the usage of bone cement mixed with antibiotics. However, there are few studies that referred to experimental research of calcium phosphate cement with antibiotics. Thus, we mixed vancomycin and amikacin with bone cement in various concentrations and examined its characterization and antibacterial activity. As a result, 6.25 wt% over the concentration could not mix with cement. With an increase in the antibiotic content, the hardening time was prolonged and the compressive strength tended to decrease. In consistency, vancomycin mixed cement increased, whereas amikacin mixed cement decreased. The elution of antibiotics showed sustained release. In conclusion, the characteristics of the bone cement changed based on the amount of antibiotics added, and calcium phosphate cement is useful as a drug carrier.

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