Operative Treatment of Huge Adult Frontal Nasoethmoid Meningoencephalocele

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A retrospective study was undertaken in order to choose the operative methods of adult huge frontal nasoethmoid meningoencephalocele. Ten patients were admitted to hospital for their craniofacial mass. Of these, 9 cases suffered meningocele and 1 case meningoencephalocele. Four cases undertook the mass resection and repairing operation with postoperative lumbar drainage; at final, they had to receive shunt operation. Six cases underwent mass resection and repairing operation with shunt surgery at one stage; they recovered smoothly. Our results suggest that the adult patients with huge meningoencephalocele have larger subarachnoid cavity. When they receive repairing operation, their subarachnoid cavity would be decreased in volume and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) circulation could be disturbed. In order to maintain the balance of CSF production and absorption, the shunt operation should be given at the same stage.

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