Midterm Clinical and Tomodensitometric Evaluation of Cortical Bone Repair Using Bone Substitute and Allogenic Membrane Protection in the Areas of Cortical Bone Harvesting in the Parietal Cranium in Preimplant Reconstructive Surgery

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The authors present their clinical and computed tomographic findings in a series of 13 cases of monocortical bone harvesting, in the setting of preimplant reconstructive surgery, with the harvest sites filled with granular bovine bone substitute, which had an additional coverage using a collagen membrane. These patients were compared with a control group of 6 patients who had not received any cranial bone reconstruction during the initial harvesting. Clinical and computed tomographic evaluations of the repaired parietal cortical bone harvest sites were performed to study the contour of the cortical bone harvest sites in relation to the surrounding soft tissue. Among the 13, there were no clinical cases of infection or allergic reaction. Midterm results of the parietal cortical bone reconstruction using granular bone substitute with overlying protective biodegradable membrane show that this method of reconstruction of the cranium after cranial bone harvesting resulted in significantly improved clinical outcomes.

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