Recurrent Adult-Type Rhabdomyoma: A Rare Differential Diagnosis of “Swellings in the Masticatory Muscle”

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Rhabdomyomas are rare benign mesenchymal tumors with skeletal muscle differentiation and a predilection for the head and neck area. A 38-year-old man presented with persistent, slowly growing, painless swelling in the left inner cheek for 2½ years. The lesion was detected during routine dental examination and was considered to represent a mucocele. The mass was removed via a transoral surgical approach, followed by a local recurrence 6 months later that was again surgically removed. The patient is alive and well 2 months after last surgery. Adult-type rhabdomyoma is a rare, occasionally recurring, benign mesenchymal tumor that should be included in the differential diagnosis of submucosal swellings in the oral cavity including the masticatory musculature. Adult-type rhabdomyoma of the cheek and masticatory area are exceptionally rare with no more than 3 cases reported to date.

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