Surgical Neurolysis for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain in 2 Postmenopausal Women With Mandibular Necrosis Resulting From Oral Bisphosphonates

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We analyze the use of surgical neurolysis for the treatment of neuropathic pain of the inferior alveolar nerve. For that, 3 surgical neurolysis were performed on 2 postmenopausal women experiencing neuropathic pain of the inferior alveolar nerve due to mandibular necrosis resulting from treatment with oral bisphosphonates. Both patients showed sensory impairment of the inferior alveolar nerve. We obtained complete control of neuropathic pain after 6 months of the patients' evolution, preserving the function of the lingual nerve in all 3 neurolysis, without causing any impact as regards to the sensitive situation before treatment. Surgical neurolysis of the inferior alveolar nerve may be considered as the choice therapeutic technique to treat neuropathic pain of this nerve when there is a sensory impairment in patients showing mandibular necrosis resulting from bisphosphonates.

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