The Volume of Experimental Design Cerebellum: Stereological Microanatomic Study

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Cerebellum is responsible to higher cognitive functions and delicate motor activity. Because of its significance, cerebellum may play a major role in cognitive, behavioral, and psychiatric diseases. Therefore, the investigations on cerebellum may be contributed to the future researches so as to solve reasons of the diseases. The rabbit brain relatively larger than the rat and mouse brain and the individual evaluation of its subdivisions are rather easy. There are no data on cerebellar volume of rabbits in literature. Thus, the study presents microscopic volume calculation of rabbits’ cerebellum using the stereological method. The mean (SD) calculated volume of the cerebellum in the rabbit brain was found to be 0.69 (0.03) cm3. The individual microscopic volume estimation of an animal subject can be achieved by Cavalier method. Researchers believed that the findings and the applied method in this study may be useful for the scientists.

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