Papillary Meningioma With Vital Abnormal Vessels

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Papillary meningioma is an uncommon meningioma subtype of World Health Organization grade III. It could show some radiologic profiles pointing to malignant behavior, such as a cystic change, a heterogeneous enhancement, and an ill- defined border. However, to date, the radiologic profile described in this article has not been reported in previous literatures, and it is just the characteristic being considered as the major cause for patients’ death. A 16-year-old adolescent boy with a 6-month history of headache was admitted to our department on June 28, 2012. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a giant well-defined mass in the left temporal region, with a severe flow void on T2-weighted image and an abundant stripelike enhancement on T1-weighted contrast-enhanced scan. In view of its middle cranial fossa location (one predilection site for meningioma), meningioma was suspected preoperatively. A regular left frontotemporal craniotomy was performed. Unexpectedly, extreme hemorrhage happened intraoperatively, and it was difficult to stop the bleeding. After identification of no hemorrhage in the operative cavity through intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging, the operation was finished, with an overall blood loss of 15,000 mL. The patient died of brain stem dysfunction the second day after the operation.

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