Pseudoaneurysm of the Carotid Arterial System

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Pseudoaneurysms of internal, external, and common carotid arteries are seen rarely. Blunt traumas caused by automobile accidents are the prior reasons to this. Central venous catheterization, ballistic trauma, cystic medial necrosis, fibromuscular dysplasia, atherosclerosis, and other inflammatory processes are some other potential reasons for pseudoaneurysm. In contrast to true aneurysms, it does not contain 3-layer structure with adventitia, media, and intima sublayers in its wall. The wall contains coagulum and fibrous capsules. Clinically, after trauma, it presents itself as swelling after days to weeks of damage to vascular walls. Because it causes morbidity and mortality when it is ruptured, It should be treated via surgical or vascular intervention.

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