Pinkus Tumor at the Nostril Floor

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Fibroepithelioma of Pinkus is a variant form of basal cell carcinoma that clinically presents as a single or multiple red plaques or flesh-colored nodules without ulceration. It is usually located in the trunk, inguinal, or crural areas and only rarely occurs on the mucocutaneous junction. A 70-year-old female patient presented with a mass at the left nostril, which had first appeared about 1 year earlier. A single nontender red lesion was about 1 cm, and its base was on the mucocutaneous junction at the floor of the left nostril. Wide local excision was carried out with an adequate resection margin (5 mm) under local anesthesia. Microscopic examination showed tumoral pathologic sections of skin tissue fragments were observed; tumoral structure into the stroma is composed of proliferating basaloid cells (forming an interanastomosing pattern); around the tumor islands is rimming palisade, and infiltration of mononuclear cells around the tumor is moderate. The specimen exhibited no atypia, and the margin of excised mass was clear. The patient is being monitored for any possible local recurrence.

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