Technical Strategies for En Bloc Resection and Immediate Reconstruction in Hemangioma of the Frontal Bone

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Hemangioma of the skull is a benign solitary tumor, often found in the frontal or parietal area. A hemangioma lesion typically involves the outer table rather than the inner, but its complete removal at the diploe level is difficult. Full-thickness resection at the calvaria is often needed to ensure a free margin, but it will leave a bony defect that requires reconstruction. Although curettage and covering of the lesion with alloplastic material are a simple treatment option for hemangioma of the skull, it does not always prevent recurrence. Hence, complete resection is needed. As our technical strategies for reconstruction, we organize a split calvarial bone graft if a defect is near the frontal sinus and calcium phosphate cement if it is somewhat far from the sinus.

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