Treatment of Migration and Extrusion of the Gold Weight Eyelid Implant With Fascia Lata Sandwich Graft Technique

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Gold weight implantation is generally considered a safe procedure for the treatment of paralytic lagophthalmos. The most frequently seen complications are extrusion, malpositioning, and migration of the implant. To decrease the rate of these complications, several modifications were defined in the composition and the shape of the implant as well as the surgical technique itself. Despite these precautions, implant revision rates are still as high as 8% to 14%. Nowadays, implant-covering or implant-wrapping procedures are becoming more popular to avoid implant-related problems. However, there is limited information in the literature regarding the management of these complications. In this study, we aimed to present the treatment of migration and extrusion of the gold weight implant in a patient with Moebius syndrome by wrapping the implant with autogenous fascia lata graft.

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