Video-Assisted Resection in Benign Frontal Tumors

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Soft and osseous tumors that develop into the frontal are the most profitable with the use of video-assisted surgery, thus avoiding also a visible scar.

In the Department of Plastic Surgery at Argerich Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 1999 to 2010, video-assisted operations were used in the treatment of 158 patients, 26 of them presented lipomas and osteomas into the frontal tissues.

In all 26 patients, both local anesthesia and incisions behind the hairline were performed.

Minor complications such as hematoma and transitory paresis of the frontal nerve were detected.

Video-assisted technique offered both good illumination and excellent magnification that not only permits a safe anatomic dissection by means of surgical maneuvers in avascular planes but also avoids visible scars.

The outcome achieved with endoscopic techniques has permitted to consider it like the first election in the surgical treatment in tumors developed into both soft and osseous tissues of the frontal area, offering more advantages than the classic approaches.

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