Fixation of Fractured Inferior Orbital Wall Using Fibrin Glue in Inferior Blowout Fracture Surgery

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The objectives of surgical treatment for orbital fracture are to return soft tissue to its original position as well as reduce and fix the bone fragments properly. Reduction of the orbital bone through a subciliary or conjunctival incision and reduction using a urinary balloon catheter were simultaneously performed on 53 patients between 2010 and 2013. Fibrin glue was used to attach the reduced bone fragments. These patients had less than 2 cm2 of bone defect and showed diplopia, eye movement limitation, and enophthalmos. Diplopia, eye movement limitation, and enophthalmos were each reduced to 3/32, 2/25, and 2/48, respectively. There were no adverse effects, such as infection or hematoma, and because implants were not used, there was no possibility of its extrusion or foreign body reaction. The operation time decreased compared with when using an implant, and the bone fragments remained in a fixed position even after removing the urinary balloon catheter. Therefore, the use of fibrin glue proved to be effective in orbital floor fractures.

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