Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy for Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of the Mandibular Condyle

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Aneurysmal bone cyst is a benign pseudocystic osseous lesion characterized by a fibrous connective tissue stroma with cellular fibrous tissue, multinucleated giant cells, and large blood-filled spaces with no endothelial lining. The entity is uncommon in facial bones, and it rarely involves the mandibular condyle. Resection of the lesion is the most accepted treatment. The present case is the 11th reported case of aneurysmal bone cyst of the mandibular condyle in the existing literature and the first where, rather than using conventional extra oral approach, sagittal split ramus osteotomy was used to excise the lesion successfully with no recurrence after 3 years of follow-up.

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