Iatrogenic Arteriovenous Fistula of the Superficial Temporal Artery After Reduction Malarplasty

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A 34-year-old woman who had a history of undergoing reduction malarplasty at a local clinic about 1 year ago developed gradually increasing pulsatile tinnitus in the right preauricular area since the last 6 months. On physical examination, there were an approximately 1 × 0.5-cm nontender, soft, pulsatile mass with a palpable thrill and a continuous machinery-like buzzing sound in synchrony with the heartbeat. She had a fine scar near the mass, which was supposed to be a postoperative scar of reduction malarplasty. A three-dimensional computed tomographic angiogram revealed a direct arteriovenous fistula between the superficial temporal artery and superficial temporal vein in the right preauricular area. The arteriovenous fistula was embolized using Tornado coils. After coiling, the thrill and disturbing tinnitus disappeared immediately, and postembolization angiography confirmed obliteration of the arteriovenous shunt. This is the first case of an arteriovenous fistula of the superficial temporal artery after reduction malarplasty, and it indicates that arteriovenous fistula can occur as a delayed complication of reduction malarplasty.

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