Guideline for the Treatment of Condylar Osteochondroma Combined With Secondary Dentofacial Deformities

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Surgical treatment of condylar osteochondroma combined with secondary dentofacial deformities is a significant clinical challenge. The authors present this review article to provide some guidelines for the surgical treatment for this severely complex condition.

Materials and Methods:

Diagnosis and treatment protocol of condylar osteochondroma patients combined with secondary dentofacial deformities are discussed at the basis of published literatures and the authors’ own clinical experiences. Proper treatment protocol was designed according to features of tumor and dentofacial deformities. Follow-up and radiographic examination was performed to evaluate recurrence of tumor, occlusion, joint function, and facial appearance after surgery.


The patients received 1 or several methods of resection of tumor, condylar reconstruction, correction of skeletal deformities, and treatment of malocclusion. The condylar ostechondroma and secondary dentofacial deformities were treated satisfactorily. Temporomandibular joint function, occlusion, and facial appearance were improved obviously after operation evidenced by radiographic examination and follow-up.


Surgical management of condylar osteochondroma with secondary dentofacial deformities requires careful patient selection, treatment planning, and precise execution. This article has reviewed the current status of surgical treatment options and provided practical guidelines for oral and maxillofacial surgeons to consider their clinical practice.

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