Eponym of Naso-Jugal Fold and Tear Trough

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The aim of this study is to find out the eponym of the naso-jugal fold and tear trough and to make a suggestion to standardize the terminology.

In a PubMed search, the search terms (naso-jugal) and (fold OR groove); (tear trough) and (anatomy) were used, which resulted in 48 and 37 titles, respectively. Eliminating duplicated titles, 80 abstracts were reviewed. Among them, 18 full papers were reviewed. Two papers were excluded and 3 mined papers were added. Finally, 19 papers were reviewed.

In a paper published by an ophthalmologist Dr David Miller, “tear trough” was first used for designating the circular trough carved into a scleral contact in 1969. In the remaining 18 papers including 1 conference presentation, 6 terms were used for the same structure; naso-jugal fold (4), naso-jugal groove (4), naso-jugal ditch (1), tear trough (5), tear trough deformity (6), and tear trough depression (1). Whitnall first used “naso-jugal” and 10 other papers stated “naso-jugal.” Eight papers cited Whitnall (2), Duke-Elder (2), and Loeb (4) in the origin of the term “naso-jugal.” Flowers adapted “tear trough” for the cheek groove and 12 other papers wrote “tear trough.” Eleven papers cited Flowers (9), Le Louarn (1), Mendelson (1) when referring to the origin of the term “tear trough.”

The name of the structure should contain “naso-jugal” rather than “tear trough” because “naso-jugal” was coined earlier and expresses the location of the structure. The recommended term should be “the deepened naso-jugal groove” since it deepens with age.

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