Comparison of Frey Syndrome Rates Following Superficial Parotidectomy and Partial Superficial Parotidectomy for Pleomorphic Adenoma

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Comparison of Frey syndrome rates following superficial parotidectomy and partial superficial parotidectomy for pleomorphic adenoma.


Fifty patients diagnosed with pleomorphic adenoma and received surgical treatment at the Otolaryngology Department of Bagcilar Training and Research Hospital between January 2009 and October 2015 were reviewed retrospectively. The patients were specifically queried for Frey syndrome symptoms. The syndrome was investigated with Minor starch iodine test. The patients who underwent superficial parotidectomy were compared to those who underwent partial superficial parotidectomy in terms of Frey syndrome development and recurrence.


In the partial superficial parotidectomy group, Frey syndrome symptoms were edema and increased sweating and burning sensation on the face in 7 patients (21.9%, P = 0.735). In the superficial parotidectomy group, 5 patients exhibited edema (27.8%), 3 exhibited increased sweating (16.7%), and 5 exhibited burning sensation (27.8%). Minor test results were positive for 7 patients in the partial superficial parotidectomy group (21.8%) and 5 patients were positive (27.8%) in the superficial parotidectomy group. No recurrence was found in either group during the 5-year follow-up. No significant difference was found between 2 groups in terms of postoperative complications and recurrence.


In terms of their effect on Frey syndrome development, there is no significant difference between partial superficial parotidectomy and superficial parotidectomy.

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