Effect of Electromagnetic Wave on Bone Healing in Fixed and Unfixed Conditions

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Mobile phones have come into daily life and are now one of the most frequently used devices for communication. The aim of this study was to evaluate possible effect of electromagnetic wave (EMW) with and without fixation material on bone healing.

Forty male rats were exposed to fracture on tibia bone and were randomly divided into 4 groups as E(+)K(+), E(+)K(−), E(−)K(+), and E(−)K(−) where E(+) means EMW exposure and K(+) means Kirschner wire fixation. At the end of study tibia samples were taken from all the groups for the quantitative evaluation of regeneration.

Significant difference was found between Group E(+)K(+) and E(−)K(+) in terms of both new bone and capillary volume.

Electromagnetic wave may be harmful for bone healing with fixation whereas it has no same effect on bone regeneration without fixation.

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