Curative Treatment of Oronasal Fistulas With a Silicone Obturator

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Oronasal fistulas can occur as a complication and sometimes they are refractory to the adequate surgical interventions. Two patients of oronasal fistula were presented. The first one developed as a complication of nasal septal surgery. Following 2 failed operative closure, a custom-made silicone obturator resulted unexpectedly as the cure for the problem in this patient. Experience gained from this patient was utilized in the second presented patient by simply insertion of a tailored silicone obturator after elevation of the nasal lining under local anesthesia to the oronasal fistula transorally allowed closure without any formal surgical intervention. Silicone obturator application may be employed for curative treatment of the oronasal fistulas avoiding complex surgical treatments.

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