Osteonevus of Nanta Presenting as Flesh-Colored Papule of Cheek Following Laser Ablation

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Osteonevus of Nanta is a melanocytic nevus displaying secondary ossification and carrying a potential for malignancy. A solitary occurrence is reported herein, presenting as a flesh-colored papule following laser ablation.

A 56-year-old woman sought treatment for a minor papular growth of the cheek. This lesion had developed at the site of prior CO2 laser ablation done elsewhere to eradicate a pigmented nevus. The patient's medical records and histopathology report were obtained after surgical excision.

Histologically, a completely excised osteonevus of Nanta was evident, marked by an intradermal nevus with subjacent osseous metaplasia. Clinical presentations of these lesions may vary, but the potential for malignancy remains.

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