Maxillary Sinus Augmentation

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The clinician contemplating reconstruction of the posterior maxilla with osteointegrated implants must overcome a number of anatomic challenges. Buccolingual and/or apico-occlusal atrophy of the edentulous ridge and pneumatization of the maxillary sinus often limit the volume of bone available for implant placement. Many clinicians advocate augmentation of the maxillary sinus to increase the dimension of available bone for implant placement. A female patient aged 38-year old was undergone maxillary sinus augmentation (sinus lifting) after improper implant placing in upper right molar area. Careful clinical examination and radiographical (conventional and computed tomography scan) assessment were carried out, and treatment plan was discussed with the patient. The surgical operation of maxillary sinus augmentation was carried out at Ramadi Teaching Hospital using autogenous bone mixed with synthetic materials and adequate result was obtained.

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